90s Outfits: Ideas for your Next Themed Party

From TV icons like Hilary Banks to IRL starlets like Briteny Spears, you can find a seemingly infinite number of fashion resources to help you figure out the 90s outfit.

It is a decade where everything from ripped grunge flannels to preppy skirt suits to the North Face Puffer jackets was trendy.

Moreover, there are a number of ways you can take the theme and run with it.

90s outfits tend to have a big impact on fashion and you can have iconic 90s outfit ideas and use them in this modern day.

Trends are always changing, some are temporary while others are long-lasting.

However, with these changing trends, there are 90s outfit trends and ideas that are still warm and dynamic.

Whatever the trend today is, 90s fashion is still with us.

So let’s have a further look at what were the most fashionable 90s outfits.

Trendy 90s Outfit

Some trendy 90s outfits you can still see today are:

Mom Jean: These extremely loved jeans took place in our lives just like they did in the 90s.

All the 90s icons were wearing and rocking this trend.

Winter or summer, you can wear ripped, normal, fair, or dark mom jeans easily.

You can use them anywhere at any time.

Moreover, you can opt for a sportier look and style it will lose t-shirts and sweatshirts.

Cargo Pants: Cargo pants were one of the most famous trouser models of the 90s.

Today, these pants and famous again and you can wear these pants easily.

Moreover, the most important feature of these trousers is that they tend to have LOTS OF POCKETS.

You can find them in a number of patterns and different models like denim, oversize, or elasticated legs.

Pair them with crop tops, sneakers, and a cross-body belt bag and you will look flawless.

One of the famous celebrities you can see rocking cargo pants is Bella Hadid.

When it comes to choosing the best pants, make sure to look at her selection which is inspired by the 90s outfit.

Bike Shorts: Another piece of clothing famous as a 90s outfit is the short tights, also popular as bike shorts.

Celebrities and IT girls used to wear bike shorts in the 90s.

90s outfit 1

Among them was Lady Diana who you can see combining bike shorts with her outfit.

You can easily combine it with a t-shirt, sweatshirt, or denim jacket and rock the 90s look.

It is important to note that you do not have to wear bike shorts with sports outfits alone.

You can wear them with a fitted blazer jacket or with a shirt alone.

However, you can also choose to pair it with a white t-shirt, blazer jacket, and some jewelry.

Crop Tops: You can also find crop tops to be famous as 90s outfits.

They are fashionable when you pair them with pants or jeans.

Moreover, it was one of favorite 90s outfits.

Though you may find everything oversized stunning and easy to wear, crop tops are indispensable pieces of your wardrobe.

Oversize Blazers: If you want to make your outfit look cool you can pair an oversize jacket with sports or elegant outfits.

This is because they pair well with slip dresses, trousers, vintage denim, and so on.

You can also wear them with bike shorts and this is one of the great ways to modernize the 90s look.

Or you can choose to pair them with suits that consist of skirts, trousers, or even short pants.

One of the 90s clothing fashion trends, the plaid pattern is a great option you can opt for oversize blazers.

You can choose to create stunning and effortless outfits with these patterned plaid suits and look cool.

What are the other Options?

Some other options are:

Pleated Skirts: Do you remember the iconic 90s movie Clueless?

If yes, then you would definitely remember pleated skirts.

Moreover, if you have seen Friends as well, you can see Rachel Green wearing pleated skirts often.

Thus, you can recreate that 90s outfit trend even today and look amazing.

You can combine a pleated skirt as a uniform to reflect a 90s outfit.

Or you can create a street style with a leather jacket and look great.

Another way to wear pleated skirts is to wear them with a sweater.

Using biker boots with skirts and dresses other than pants and choker necklaces is a great option for a 90s theme party.

Dress: When thinking about 90s dresses, the first thing that comes to mind is a slip dress.

Some think that they are timeless pieces and are here to stay for good.

It the quite suitable for both street style and invitations.

90s outfit 2

You can wear a long sleeveless slip dress which was also highly used in the 90s.

Moreover, you can see a lot of girls rocking slip dresses in the 90s movies and TV series.

You can opt for anything from leopard print to the snakeskin pattern, and animal-printed dresses, as they were also popular in the 90s.

Sportwear: 90s was a colorful time, especially when it comes to sportswear.

Wearing loose sweatshirts will different colors was pretty popular.

Thanks to the 90s, especially Princess Diana, you can now become familiar with this 90s trend and opt for it even today.

Claw Clips: One of the favorite styles of the 90s is the messy bun.

People used to use claw clips for the buns.

Even today, you can find all kinds of hair clips and once again, claw clips have become one of the trends.

You can see celebrities like Kendal Jenner and Balla Hadid use this bun by twisting straight hair upwards and fastening it.

Also, bucket hats are one of the favorite 90s accessories you can try today.

90s Themed Party Outfit Ideas

Some 90s theme party outfit ideas are:

Overalls: 90s gave us the overall trend that you can easily wear to themed parties.

It is super popular even today.

In particular, the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air series tends to have a huge influence on this overall trend.

Moreover, you can find them in different models, like shirts, colorful overalls, long overalls, shorts, corduroy ones, etc.

Leaving one strap unbuckled can help you add a cool vibe to your outfit.

Retro Hip-Hop Outfits: If you like hip-hop fashion and its culture, then this is the right outfit inspiration for you.

You can let your inner rapper out with such outfits.

These hip-hop outfits are all about oversized t-shirts, flashy jewelry, tracksuits, bomber jackets, double denim jackets, and snapback caps.


Pedal Pushers Retro Outfits: Pedal pushers are calf-length pants for women.

It was trendy n the 50s and has been popular among the 90s outfit.

However, it is important to note that these pants can make you look shorter.

90s Music Outfits: You can take inspiration for the 90s music-themed party from Britney Spears’s concerts.

You can opt for black pants and a top for this look.

It can be your themed party outfit if you are a last-minute person.

Or you can opt for an iconic outfit from Briteny Spears from her sony Baby One More Time.

All you will need is a pleated mini-skirt, a plain white button-up shirt, and knee-high socks.

Moreover, you can opt for any spice girls using all the leopard pieces you have.

However, if you and your friends want to dress like a group, you can show the power girl.

One of the most famous groups of the 90s is the spice girls and you can choose to opt for the 90s style.

High Waisted jean Outfits: You might be wearing high-waisted jeans right now.

These are the most popular models in the 90s outfit and are comfy and suitable for any party.

You can also opt for a belt to feel the 90s spirit more.

Retro Grunge Outfits: People who opt for grunge style are often known as angry but fragile and suffer.

They choose to reflect this aspect in their dressing style.

You can get this look by combining strong pieces like mini jeans, fleet socks, and military boots.

Vintage Velvet Dress: Another throwback from the 90s outfit is the velvet dress.

These are elegant yet stylish and stunning.

Ripped jeans: Ripped jeans are one of the classic pies of grunge-style outfits.

These jeans were also popular in the 90s and are increasingly becoming popular today.

Moreover, you can combine them with just anything.

Learn more about Retro Fashion: Trends Back in Style! here.

Other Ideas for your 90s Party

Some more ideas for your 90s-themed party are:

Windbreaker Outfits: 90s is all about colorful pieces.

You can make yourself trendy by wearing something vintage and one of the vintage pieces you can opt for is a colorful windbreaker.

You can easily combine the windbreaker as a suit or you can pair it with mom jeans and a t-shirt.

High Wasit Plaid Pants: There is nothing more trendy than trousers with a high waist and plaid patterns.

Moreover, these pants tend to have different options for every style.

colorful outfits

Let’s begin with the grunge style which was very popular in the 90s.

You can also choose to wear Rachel Green’s plaid pants outfits if you want a 90s outfit.

90s Movie Outfits: You can wear almost every 90s outfit today.

Moreover, you can make your 90s party look with the pieces you already have.

You can choose to be Cher Horowitz using your plaid skirts.

Or you can make your own Mia Wallace with black pants and a white shirt.

Get your iconic 90s look from Pretty Woman.

90s Outfits Hairstyle and Makeup

Your 90s outfit is incomplete with hairstyle and makeup.

Butterfly clips, crimped waves, plastic stretchy headbands, and a high ponytail are all that define hairstyles in the 90s.

Lastly, the makeup trends back in the 90s.

Start with blue eyeshadow, a trend that is not to forget.

Moreover, opalescent eyeshadow and super thin eyebrows look uncool.

You would want to forget about it and never mention it again.

However, these were trends that were popular in the 90s.

Other than this, there is all-grunge eyeliner you can apply by putting black eyeliner under your eyes and on your eyelids.

It looks super grunge and can be a good choice for your 90s outfit at a party.

With brick-brown or burgundy lipstick and pale foundation, you can rock the theme party.

Summing it UP

The 90s had a lot of cool outfits. As these fashions made a comeback, you can get these clothes everywhere. Thus, if you are going for a 90s-themed party, you can opt for the above pieces and dress ideas today.

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